Why work with a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a supportive mentor who helps clients reach their wellness goals and feel their best through personalized, one-on-one encouragement around finding the foods and lifestyle practices that work best for them.

Who benefits from working with a health coach? 

Everyone.  Think of a health coach as a guide and someone to help you make sense of all of the information out there.  

What does it mean to work with a Nationally Board Certified Health Coach?

Health coaching has gained incredible traction over the last few years. As more people recognize the value and importance of preventive health, the more they seek out support from trusted sources of holistic wellness information. Health Coaches are trained to take a holistic approach that allows clients to better understand every aspect of what keeps them healthy, from physical health to mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Health Coaches create a safe space for clients to explore their health goals, providing the accountability and resources needed to improve health outcomes.

Board certification is not currently a requirement to practice as a Health Coach, but it is an important way to distinguish oneself from other coaches. It is someone who has pursued further education in coaching. This certification is regarded as a global benchmark of professional coach training.

What does working with you look like?

There is no one answer for this because I take a very individualized approach.  I believe we are all unique individuals, so my approach molds to you versus you molding to me. I use a combination of 1:1 sessions along with email/ text messages between sessions. In addition to that I provide optional tools and resources that can be utilized between sessions as well.

How much is this going to cost?

I offer single sessions or combo packages as well as some group coaching packages so there is an option for multiple price points.

Do you take insurance?

In general, health coaching is yet to be considered a covered service across the board by all insurance providers, but some providers will allow for reimbursement of Health Coach services using FSA/HSA benefits.

If your health insurance covers Health Coaching I am happy to work with your insurance provider.

Are you a nutritionist?

I am not a registered dietitian, but I am trained in a variety of nutritional theories and will work with you on eating habits, your relationship with food as well as meal planning and meal preparation. I will not provide you with a meal plan, but I will provide you with resources.

Are you a fitness trainer?

I am not a certified fitness trainer, but I can help guide you through finding a fitness routine that works for you.   As well as support you in finding a trainer or program that supports your goals.